WhatsApp Features, which makes it so Popular

WhatsApp Features, which makes it so Popular

There is always a reason behind everything happens in this world, this is why there is a reason behind the immense popularity of WhatsApp. As initial WhatsApp app for android was made available in the ending months of 2009, and now it’s close to just six years and this app has become the most widely used popular communication Smartphone app. Moreover, is now available in all mobile operating systems comprising of Android version, iOS version, Windows Phone version and even for outdated Symbian phones.

The app has now become so popular that over 800 million users are registered on this platform and make use of this app to make contact with people across the globe. Recently the app was only able to make instant chatting supported by voice messages and file attachment, but now the most awaited feature of voice calls has also been made available for its users. All this and availability of WhatsApp status feature has made Whatspp an ultimate choice for Smartphone users around the world.

The availability of one after another awesome feature with time to time essential bug fixes has made WhatsApp where it is at present. If we evaluate its features productivity and UI, it’s the most easy to use app you will find in app stores of all the platforms in its category. Its encompass a calls, chats and contacts tabs oriented main interface allowing users to access all these basic prophecies instantly and make contact with others they want. Also, during the instant chat the feature of exchanging various types of files, which includes sending audio, video, images, location and contact makes the conversation between WhatsApp contacts or a group of people more interesting. This particular knack is also the most imperative reason that why every Smartphone users are found utilizing WhatsApp. Because the file instant files sharing option has made WhatsApp cats more attractive.

Furthermore, users enjoy the liberty of changing the wallpaper of the conversation of WhatsApp with default and even custom by selecting it from its device stored images of its liking. Also, the option of making and WhatsApp group is another phenomenal feature, which allows countless like-mined people to share their thoughts and other supported files with each other instantly amongst all the members.

Ending Thoughts:

These all above cited feature and many others related ones make WhatsApp the most fit Smartphone communication app loved by millions of people.